This page includes some informations about the "Yie-Ar Kung-Fu" conversion  from C64 to ATARI XL/XE


Beta version 1.2 - Download: YIEKUNG_beta1.2.rar

Changes (v1.2):

- New very fast procedure, which showing opponents.

- Add moving elements such as: star, chain and rugby.

- Add new screen: One or Two players.

- New colors - Download the real palette for AtariWin: g2f.act (View\Palette...\External Palette)

- Add new music.

- and other changes....


Works in progress. (soon the new version)


Beta version 1.1  - Download: YIEKUNG_beta1.1.rar





The game requires 320KB RAM

The Authors of this game are:        Vega - code+graphics  (email:       Dely/Taquart - graphics        Pin/Tristesse - music/sfx

ATARI is 4ever